What is music bingo

Music Bingo is a fun and engaging way to enjoy your favorite tunes with friends and family. It’s like normal bingo, but instead of ticking off numbers, you listen to music and mark the corresponding song titles on your bingo card. Playing music bingo is easy and requires no prior knowledge of music. Just print … Read more

What is the difference between the different music bingo formats

At Musicbingos.com you will find the following music bingo formats: Music Bingo 90 Music Bingo 90 has a standard bingo board (housie) with numbers, and a list of 90 songs used in the bingo is included on the board. When a song is played, you have to search the song list and find the number … Read more

How long does it take to play a music bingo

Simulation of the various bingos has shown this after 10 run of bingos (with 100 bingoboards): Music Bingo 90: 1 row: average of 23 songs (low 22, high 28) 2 ranks: average of 46 songs (low 38, high 52) 3 ranks: average of 60 songs (low 52, ​​high 67) Music Bingo 75: 1 row: average … Read more

How many times can I use a music bingo

You can play the music bingo as many times as you like, but what is important is that you change the play order order of the songs. You can do this by switching on random playback in the player. If you do not do this, then every music bingo will be the same and the … Read more

How can I use my mobile as a bingo board

When you buy a music bingo that has access to digital bingo cards, you will be sent a 6-digit code in your order/payment confirmation. This code must be shared with everyone who will participate in the game, and they must go to www.musikk-bingo.no, where they then enter the code to generate bingo boards. Due to … Read more

Why haven’t I received an email with the product

The system is automated, and automatically sends out an email when payment has been completed. There may be several reasons why you have not received an email: You have entered the wrong e-mail address – always check the order information that appears on the screen after payment and see if you have entered the correct … Read more

I don’t have Spotify, can I still play music bingo

All playlists for music bingos at Musicbingos.com is placed at Spotify, if you do not have access to Spotify but another music streaming service, you can possibly copy the playlist over to the desired service by using this service: www.tunemymusic.com. When you use this service, you can select a source (Spotify) and paste the playlist … Read more

How can I copy a playlist to a streaming service other than Spotify

By going to www.tunemymusic.com you can easily transfer playlists to other music services. Please note that all music services do not have all the same songs, so check the playlist after importing and check whether you have the correct songs in the playlist. When you use this service, you select your source (Spotify) and paste … Read more

How do I get started with music bingo

To get started with a music bingo, there are several things to think about: If you are going to use paper bingo boards, these must be printed. If not, you can use digital bingo boards on mobile. You must have access to Spotify, or another service to which you may have copied over the playlist. … Read more

Why should I use music bingo as entertainment

Music Bingo is a great activity that creates a good atmosphere. This is an activity where you get both a quiz touch on the competition and at the same time it’s all about luck. It is also a great way to get to know songs and artists, and you will very likely hear familiar songs … Read more