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If you have special wishes to create your own music bingo, get in touch and a price will be agreed.

There are free music bingo games that you can try.

Check this out:

By going to www.tunemymusic.com you can easily transfer playlists to other music services. Please note that all music services do not have all the same songs, so check the playlist after importing and check whether you have the correct songs in the playlist.

When you use this service, you select your source (Spotify) and paste the link to the playlist (which you can find in the PDF information file), then you choose which service you want to transfer the playlist to.

Read more about how to transfer playlists here.

When you buy a music bingo that has access to digital bingo cards, you will be sent a 6-digit code in your order/payment confirmation. This code must be shared with everyone who will participate in the game, and they must go to www.musikk-bingo.no, where they then enter the code to generate bingo boards.

Due to lack of space on the screen, only 2 bingo boards are made when you choose digital bingo boards.

As soon as everyone has received their bingo board, it’s just a matter of getting started. You mark the song on the bingo board by pressing the screen. You can remove the mark by pressing once more.

Read more about this here.

To get started with a music bingo, there are several things to think about:

If you are going to use paper bingo boards, these must be printed. If not, you can use digital bingo boards on mobile.

You must have access to Spotify, or another service to which you may have copied over the playlist.

You must have a sound system. Here it depends on the size of the audience that will participate. If it’s just the family or a smaller party, it may be enough to connect to a Bluetooth speaker or the TV. In larger gatherings, you probably have to have either a larger Bluetooth speaker or another type of sound system.

As a bingo host, it is important that you keep track of which songs are played, so that you can check any bingos to see if they are valid.

You can use PayPal to pay for the music bingo. As soon as payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation both in the browser and as an e-mail.

Experience shows that it takes between 30 and 60 seconds to play a song before recognition is achieved. But, it often depends on the song. Some are more recognizable than others. Keep in mind that the knowledge of music is different, so set a pace that allows all the guests to master it.

Simulation of the various bingos has shown this after 10 run of bingos (with 100 bingoboards):

Music Bingo 90:

  • 1 row: average of 23 songs (low 22, high 28)
  • 2 ranks: average of 46 songs (low 38, high 52)
  • 3 ranks: average of 60 songs (low 52, ​​high 67)

Music Bingo 75:

  • 1 row: average of 22 songs (low 10, high 28)
  • 2 ranks: average of 35 songs (lowest 31, high 41)
  • 3 ranks: average of 48 songs (low 42, high 53)
  • 4 ranks: average of 57 songs (low 54, high 61)
  • Full board: average of 64 songs (low 60, high 68)

Music Bingo 60:

  • 1 row: average of 17 songs (low 12, high 21)
  • 2 row: average of 32 songs (low 27, high 37)
  • 3 row: average of 42 songs (low 37, high 45)

Music Bingo 30/Music Bingo 30 Quiz:

  • Full board: average of 18 songs (low 16, high 21)

Based on these figures, you can easily calculate how long a bingo lasts on average. This of course depends on how much you play of each song, but if you have an average of 45 seconds for each song, you get this duration of a music bingo:

  • Music Bingo 90: 45 minutes (3 rows)
  • Music Bingo 75: 48 minutes for a full board
  • Music Bingo 60: 31,5 minutes (3 rows)
  • Music Bingo 30: 13.5 minutes for a full board

You can play the music bingo as many times as you like, but what is important is that you change the play order order of the songs. You can do this by switching on random playback in the player. If you do not do this, then every music bingo will be the same and the same bingo board will win.

It is important to be clear on the rules before you start playing music bingo.

First, you need to decide whether you will announce which songs/artists will be played or whether the participants will have to find out for themselves. Some choose to play a part of the song, and then announce the song that was played, while others choose that the players must manage on their own.

Another fun way to do it is for the players to help each other, and that way you get an activity that involves the guests in a great way.

When it comes to how the players wins, there are differences from the various games:

Music Bingo 90:

Here you get your first bingo when you have 5 of the numbers in a row. Second bingo is when you have 2 rows of 5 numbers in the same ticket, and third bingo is when you have all the numbers in one ticket – i.e. 3 rows of numbers.

Music Bingo 60:

Here you get your first bingo when you have 5 of the songs in a row. Second bingo is when you have 2 rows of 5 songs in the same box, and third bingo is when you have all the songs in one box – i.e. 3 rows of songs.

Music Bingo 75:

This can be played in many ways, you can start with bingo when you have a row of songs (remember that the middle row is a wildcard). You can then build on with 2 lines and so on until you have a full board.

It is also possible to play with having a vertical column and so on.

Some also choose to make a pattern. For example, a cross.

Examples for playing Music Bingo 75:

example on how to win in music bingo 75

Music Bingo 30:

In music bingo 30 the player who first manages to tick off all 9 songs in one of the four squares wins (digital bingo boards only have two squares).

Example of Music Bingo 30:

example on how to win in music bingo 30

Music Bingo 30 Quiz:

In Music Bingo 30 Quiz there are two music bingo games in one. The boards are divided in two, and on one half you will find the song/artist and on the other half you will find answers to quiz questions.

So here you can run bingo on both parts, i.e. someone has 9 ticks on the music part and 9 ticks on the quiz part.

All playlists for music bingos at Musicbingos.com is placed at Spotify, if you do not have access to Spotify but another music streaming service, you can possibly copy the playlist over to the desired service by using this service: www.tunemymusic.com.

When you use this service, you can select a source (Spotify) and paste the playlist link (which you can find in the PDF information file), then you choose which service you want to copy the playlist to.

When transferring a playlist in this way, it is always important to check whether the playlist matches the playlist used for the bingo. You may occasionally find that the song does not exist or that the transfer finds the wrong song.

Read more about how to transfer playlists here.

Musicbingos.com uses approved integration with PayPal and your payments are taken care of by this payment service.

Here you will find examples of bingo boards for the various games:

Music Bingo 90 (Housie):

Example music bingo board for music bingo 90

Music Bingo 75:

Example music bingo board for music bingo 75

Music Bingo 30:

Example music bingo board for music bingo 30

Music Bingo 30 Quiz:

Example music bingo board for music bingo 30 quiz

Music Bingo is a fun and engaging way to enjoy your favorite tunes with friends and family. It’s like normal bingo, but instead of ticking off numbers, you listen to music and mark the corresponding song titles on your bingo card.

Playing music bingo is easy and requires no prior knowledge of music. Just print out your bingo cards, gather your group of players and start playing!

Music bingo is a perfect activity for parties, events and gatherings of all kinds. It’s a great icebreaker and can engage everyone, regardless of age or musical taste.

Read more on this page.

At Musicbingos.com you will find the following music bingo formats:

Music Bingo 90

Music Bingo 90 has a standard bingo board (housie) with numbers, and a list of 90 songs used in the bingo is included on the board. When a song is played, you have to search the song list and find the number to be marked on the bingo board.

Read more about Music Bingo 90 here.

Music Bingo 75

Music Bingo 75 has a bingo board with 5×5 squares, where the middle square is marked as a wildcard. On the bingo board you will find 24 songs out of the 75 songs on the playlist. When a song is played, find the song on the board and tick it off.

Read more about Music Bingo 75 here.

Music Bingo 60

Music Bingo 60 reminds a lot of Music Bingo 90,

Music Bingo 60 is very similar to Music Bingo 90, except instead of 90 songs, there are 60 songs. The bingo board has four squares with 3×5 songs. You will find all 60 songs on the board and these are marked as the songs are played.

Read more about Music Bingo 60 here.

Music Bingo 30

Music Bingo 30 has a bingo board with 4 areas that all have 3×3 squares. There are 30 songs in the playlist, and you tick off songs as they are played.

Read more about Music Bingo 30 here.

Music Bingo 30 Quiz

Music Bingo 30 is a fun and exciting twist on the classic bingo game, with 30 popular songs from various genres and decades. Each player is given a bingo card with four 3×3 bingo boards, which contain the titles of the songs being played. 2 of the bingo boards contain the title/artist of the song and the other 2 bingo boards contain answers to the quiz.

Read more about Music Bingo 30 Quiz here.

You can find the code for digital bingo boards as an order note on either the confirmation page or in an email. The code is found under the product name.

The system is automated, and automatically sends out an email when payment has been completed. There may be several reasons why you have not received an email:

  1. You have entered the wrong e-mail address – always check the order information that appears on the screen after payment and see if you have entered the correct e-mail address.
  2. The email has ended up in junk mail – check your junk mail to see if the email is there

If you have not received an email with the necessary links and information, send an email to qvizno@gmail.no or use the contact form. Enter your name and, if known, the order number.

Music Bingo is a great activity that creates a good atmosphere. This is an activity where you get both a quiz touch on the competition and at the same time it’s all about luck.

It is also a great way to get to know songs and artists, and you will very likely hear familiar songs that you don’t hear very often – and maybe you will also get to know new songs and artists.

There are many different genres and themes for music bingo. Check the store for the selection.