digital bingo board on mobileMusic bingo with digital bingo boards

Now you can run a music bingo almost instantly. No need to print bingo boards. Go to and enter the code for the bingo, and voila, you have your digital bingo board.

New way to play music bingo

We can now present a new way of running music bingo with friends and family! With the new digital music bingo board, you can experience the thrill of playing music bingo almost immediately. No need to worry about paper bingo cards or markers, our digital bingo boards make it easy and convenient to play anywhere.

Buy music bingo and receive a code

You use the unique code you receive via email when shopping, and then just share the code with family and friends and start the game.

Our music bingos are perfect for all ages and occasions, from family game night to birthday parties and everything in between. In our online store you will find a large selection of music genres and themes to choose from, and you can find a music bingo that suits your needs there and then.

Applies only to Music Bingo 30 games

As of today, only digital bingo boards are available for all games in the Music Bingo 30 format. In the online store you will find a large selection of different music bingos.

More information about digital music bingo boards